How Music Affects A Grieving Person

Peaceful Dude

How do you feel if, after a very long and stressful day, your favourite song suddenly comes on your playlist? It feels soothing, right? I love music so much that I wouldn’t survive in this world without it. But it’s true: music has such a positive effect on people if used appropriately, especially to those in deep grief.

You have heard the term “Music heals” Using music to soothe grief has often been practiced in the past. In fact, the first ‘modern day’ use of music therapy was recorded in 1789 in an article found in ‘Columbian Magazine’, though the concept dates back to the writings of Aristotle and Plato.

One study focused on the important role that music plays in healing from grief. Through observations and interviews among the participants, it was proven that music has a significant connection with emotion. It helps in changing one’s identity because clients get the chance to reflect on themselves and their past experiences through music. Having a solid identity is especially important to a person experiencing grief.

Another positive effect of music as part of the treatment is having a sense of community, culture and spirituality. This is also very helpful in the process of dealing with grief. Having this awareness, keeps you away from the idea of being alone—that you are not going through it alone. That can be the worst feeling when you are in deep sadness.

Lastly, the study also proved that music served as possibly the best tool for people to give tribute to the deceased. I am you agree that songs can be brilliant reminders of the people whom we love. I can strongly attest to that. My friend’s late grandad loved to play Christmas songs as early as the month of September.  From September to December, her mornings were filled with Christmas jingles and hearing those same songs nowadays gives her a sense of comfort as if her grandpa was still alive and playing those songs for her.

Do you also know that music can reduce stress and aid relaxation? Well it depends on the type of music, of course. It has been proven that slow classical music played at low volume reduces stress which is perfect if you are grieving. It can also be your favourite song as I was saying earlier. When I listen to my favourite song, I close my eyes and feel as if I am in a different world with the music playing in the background. Just that simple act relaxes the entirety of my soul.

Music allows you to express a myriad of emotions. You can play songs which allow you to cry or you can play songs that let you shout your anger out.  There will be other songs that make you laugh or just make you smile.   

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