From Death to Life

From Death To Life

Death is a natural thing which we will all go through. We may die in different ways but the bottom line is that it is the only true certainty in life. Unfortunately, there is no way to know when our time will come.

Have you tried discussing it with your loved ones? Yes? No? I would understand if you answered No. Most families avoid this topic as they find it awkward to talk about with their loved ones. Some would even bluntly tell you to stop once you brought up the topic. This is because most of us are afraid of the thought so we choose to shut ourselves down from the idea of dying and losing someone.

Do you know that dealing with death as an ever-present reality helps us accept it in a less difficult way? Confronting death means grieving for someone dear to you. Death is something everyone should try to come to terms and make peace with, as it is inevitable.

When a loved one dies, people usually use the words “passed on” because they don’t want to be buried in pain knowing that the person has left them and will never come back. But that’s the reality. All that’s left with you are the memories of the person who died, and your beliefs about what happens afterwards – if you have a belief around that.  And the memories are what you need to keep hold of. Keeping them alive in your memories is what can keep you going.

Preparing yourself for death doesn’t literally mean you have to morbidly wait for it to come. It merely means you should not fear death but embrace it. Make the most of what you can do with your loved ones while you and they, are still alive so when the time comes, you won’t regret anything. No should haves, no could haves.

When that time comes, you can peacefully let go. Yes, it will surely be painful when someone you love dies, and it may feel like that even after months and years. It won’t go away but you learn to live with it and that’s what’s important. You learn to live with the pain and go on with your life. That’s life after death.