in memory of a loved one

Setting up a tribute fund online creates a place to remember your loved one. It’s the perfect way to celebrate their life.

Make an Online Donation

Making memorial donations

Well wishers often seek tangible ways of expressing condolences and sympathy to the bereaved at funerals or during times of grief over deceased loved ones. Floral bouquets have traditionally been (and continue to be) an appropriate gesture. In addition, an increasing number of individuals offer donations to an unlimited range of charitable organizations to honor the memory of the deceased.

Consider donating to a charity listed in the deceased's obituary

The obituary will offer one or more charitable suggestions. Perhaps the deceased suffered from a particular disease, and the family has suggested donations to medical research or treatment in that area.

  • Offer a memorial donation directly online
  • Give flowers and a memorial donation, if desired
  • Contact the charity of your own choice to make a memorial donation.
  • Be sure to notify the deceased's family of your memorial donation.

Latest Obituaries and Donations in Memory

Finally, although bereaved family members customarily send thank you notes to those who have made memorial gifts, some may not do so. Others may take considerable time before addressing this task. In some cases (particularly in complex blended families), relatives of the deceased person may not even be aware of all of the memorial donations that have been made to honor their late loved one.

The most charitable of givers will be patient and gracious about memorial gift acknowledgments, particularly with those who are working through the process of grief.