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Making funeral arrangements can be a difficult task and we can support you emotionally and practically. Share your ideas, customs and wishes with us. Get in touch

Funeral Payments

People can be on benefits for a variety of reasons and a change of circumstances, especially the death of a partner, can affect your own entitlement. 

Bereavement Benefit & Bereavement Allowance

  • Claimed using Form BB1 and only available to surviving spouses or civil partners, usually under state retirement age..

Widowed Parents Allowance

  • Also claimed of Form BB1 and replaces Bereavement Allowance when a parent has children still in education or younger.

Guardians Allowance

  • Which is claimed from the Tax Office

Funeral Payment From The Social Fund

  • This is means tested dependent upon your income, assets and existing benefits. Claimed using Form SF200 from the JobCentre Plus


 Things to consider:

registration procedure
people to inform
civil funeral ceremonies
choosing a memorial
the experience of grief