life is something to celebrate

The journey of life is something to celebrate. Civil ceremonies  celebratie your life of your loved one with a personalised civil ceremonies.

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Civil Funeral Ceremonies

A funeral:

Helps us acknowledge someone we love has died. Allows us to say goodbye.Provides a social support system for us and other friends and family members. Allows us to contemplate the meaning of life and death. Offers continuity and hope for the living.

The funeral ceremony is your precious gift to the person who has died. It is a time to celebrate their life and say a last goodbye to them with dignity and love. There is no set format for a Civil Funeral. Each ceremony is unique - as unique as the person who has died - as unique as the life they lived. It is a ceremony created especially for them.

A Civil Funeral Ceremony:

  • Reflects the beliefs, wishes, values and cultural traditions of the person who has died.
  • Fulfils the needs of the people closest to that person.
  • Meets the expectations of all those who attend the funeral.

It is a highly personable ceremony. 

What's more - because you oversee the creation of it, a Civil Funeral Ceremony can be everything and anything you want it to be.

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