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Making funeral arrangements can be a difficult task and we can support you emotionally and practically. Share your ideas, customs and wishes with us.

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L Champ Funeral Services offer a high level of dedicated funeral care, advising you of all your options and choices and seeing that the funeral arrangements are made in accordance with your wishes, and those of the person who has died.

Funeral arrangements are highly personal; some people choose a simple funeral whilst others prefer a more elaborate service. We help to make sure that every funeral is a unique tribute to each person.

You may make funeral arrangements at your home, our funeral home or another location, such as a friend’s home.

When arranging a funeral you will need to make early decisions about:

  • Whether it will be a burial or cremation
  • Where the funeral will take place (church, cremation chapel, cemetery chapel, graveside, elsewhere)
  • What kind of ceremony would you like – religious, civil or humanist?

First step, register the death

Things to consider:

registration procedure
people to inform
civil funeral ceremonies
choosing a memorial
the experience of grief